Cretors Concession Equipment

The C. Cretors & Company is renowned for being the catalyst for the creation of the modern concession industry with the original patent for the popcorn machine.

The C.Cretors & Company reputation ensures that Cretors is the brand of choice for cinemas in the UK. ATB Cinema Concessions looks after over 100 cinema sites in the UK and every one of those has Cretors popcorn machines. The facts speak for themselves!

Cretors retail division has expanded their product line to include Cretors hot dog machines, nacho equipment and other specialty concession equipment. A broad selection of Cretors gourmet popcorn equipment has been developed to create numerous sweet and savoury coated flavours. The Cretors concession equipment is rapidly achieving popularity in the UK amongst gourmet popcorn retailers and other specialty food manufacturers.

Not only are Cretors global market leaders in the design and manufacturer of concession equipment their Flo-Thru ® (Food Processing Division) also dominates the market. Founded in 1967, they patented and launched a continuous production line containing a hot air fluidized bed oven for high-volume popcorn manufacture. The forbearers to today’s hot air poppers.


Established in Chicago, Illinois in 1885; C. Cretors & Company continue to be family owned and operated. All their Cretors concession equipment is proudly manufactured in the US.

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