Leading Light chooses Cretors equipment from ATB

Innovative cinema group, The Light, has selected Cretors concession equipment from ATB for their first UK Cinema in New Brighton.

The Light Cinema was looking to compliment its unique cafe bar concept with supporting popcorn and nachos offering. The brief from Operations Director, Damian Drabble, was to provide front of house theatre with a cabinet popper and a popping plant for back room operations. Nacho merchandisers were also were also required for the bar area.

For front of house ATB recommended the Mach 5. As Cretors newest machine it features modern styling and a sleek one piece stainless steel lid and kettle to ensure maximum corn expansion. For the back room workhouse ATB specified an Electric Giant with stainless steel pan for durability and ease of cleaning. To create a popping plant the pedestal was then mounted onto a sifter table with integral waste corn drawer. For operator ease of use and improved safety, one pop control was specified for all poppers.

For the bar area Damian chose two Cretors nachos tray cabinets with Cornditioner systems. Cretors patented Cornditioner systems keep product dry and crisp by re-circulating hot air.

Damian Drabble commented: “ATB were able to provide a speedy turn around and professional installation service. Their engineer also carried out staff training to share best practice on popping and clean down techniques”.

About The Light: The Light Cinema is an inclusive concept that seeks to target growing cinema audiences within the A, B and C demographics, families and also the mature market. Situated in town centre locations, all digital cinemas showcase a wide range of screen content that includes alternative, art house and niche titles to attract a broad audience.

About ATB: ATB Cinema Concessions provides the full range of Cretors concession equipment alongside concession equipment servicing and emergency call-out services. ATB’s clients include leading cinema chains through to private snack manufacturers.

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